Escape Hour, Edmonton remains a popular entertainment option

Escape Hour

After being confined to their home for more than fifteen months due to the covid-19 pandemic, Alberta has reduced the restrictions on citizens and they are free to spend time outside their homes. One of safest and most enjoyable entertainment options in Edmonton is playing escape games at Escape Hour. There are different escape games with unique themes and there is a specially designed escape room for each game. For greater safety, Escape Hour follows all the norms prescribed by the AHS to prevent infection, like wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. The escape rooms are cleaned and sanitized after each game to ensure that there is no infection

For each game, the group will be allocated a game master, who will explain the rules of the game selected before starting it. He will also monitor the group as they play the game, assisting them if required by providing clues and answering their queries. The team or group playing the escape game, has to find the clues hidden in the room, solve puzzles and use other methods to exit the escape room within the specified time of one hour. In some cases, especially if the group is close to completing the game, he may extend the time period allowed by a few minutes. Each quest room of Escape Hour is well designed, using the latest decor, to make playing the game an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Calgary escape rooms

Usually groups of friends or family members are playing the escape game together as a group. Depending on their profile, experience and age, the group can choose the escape game based on different parameters like difficulty level of the game, personal interest and fitness level. Five lives is one of the most popular escape games in Edmonton since it involves physical activity like running, dodging and is also mentally challenging. The senators battle is the easiest escape game in Edmonton, Five elements and the matrix movie themed games are moderately difficult, while the bank heist game is considered the most difficult.

The escape rooms at Edmonton are some of the largest in the city, and remain one of the most popular entertainment options in Edmonton according to travel rating website Tripadvisor. The Calgary escape rooms of Escape Hour are being revamped and will open soon. All escape rooms are private, for greater comfort and safety of the group. Groups can book the escape room they wish conveniently online, after checking the availability of their preferred time slot. For groups planning to play the escape games on weekends, it is advisable to book the escape room at the earliest due to increased demand.


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