Pillow Fight League



“A mystifying mélange of sex appeal and strength” - ABC News
“Pillow fighting with attitude” - National Enquirer
“A fluffy smackdown for feisty females” - New York Post

After 65 live events over five years, featuring nearly one hundred of the fiercest, toughest female pillow fighters anyone has ever seen - Eiffel Power, ChamPAIN, Polly Esther, Olivia Neutron Bomb, Dinah Mite and Bobbi Pinn to name a few - the sensational, world-famous Pillow Fight League brand is now for sale.

League founder and owner Stacey Case had this to say.

"I was looking forward to a six-month break following our last live event, after my five-year run as PFL Commissioner. In the interim, all League business was postponed. My time away then stretched into a year, in which I began to pursue other business interests. However, my unfinished business - the Pillow Fight League - has led to my decision to part with the brand.

During my tenure as the leader of the League, our unique blend of athleticism, competition and entertainment found us featured everwhere, with extensive media coverage - Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times and many more - continually coming from all corners of the globe. We broke barriers and confounded expectations.

There is a company out there that will see the marketing power and value in our brand, to purchase and exploit however they see fit. We've laid the groundwork. Television interest is current and ongoing. I welcome the opportunity to watch the PFL saga continue."

This package of intellectual property includes:

- the registered trademarks to the term PILLOW FIGHT LEAGUE in Canada and America
- the domain names gopfl.com and pillowfightleague.com
- website format and template
- League logos and branding
- the pfl email account, with hundreds of media contacts from around the world
- League Rulebook
- Fighter Constitution
- Twitter, youtube, Facebook, myspace, Vimeo and Ustream passwords
- more TBD

Serious offers only may be emailed to Stacey Case at thepfl@gmail.com, or call him at +01 (416) 471-1636. At the appropriate time, he'll then put you or your company representative in touch with his legal counsel for the next step.

MEDIA: For an interview, please contact Stacey Case at thepfl@gmail.com or +01 (416) 471-1636. Hi-res photos and HD footage available by request.

™ The Pillow Fight League is a Registered Trademark of Stacey P. Case. All Rights Reserved.
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